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Please choose Private Bali Tours as your holiday in Bali. We are pleased to offer you the best tours and adventures activities for your wonderful holiday in Bali with world class standard of service. Private Bali Tours will show you the beauty of Bali including the scenery , culture and attractions. We work together with our team With 10 years experience as a Bali tour driver, our driver service can be guaranteed as per the expectation. We guarantee your holidays will be full of joy and fun !

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For booking and great deal, please feel free to contact us by clicking below button :waemail

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  1. Hi I am traveling to Bali on 25 December to 7January. I have 2 kids age 6yrs and 3 yrs (turning 7yr and 4yr in February) I want to do a short tour (half day) to see monkey forest, Bali temples and river rafting. Only me and my son will do the rafting as my daughter too small can he come on the raft with me ? What is the cost and how long will it take. Please let me know dates that is available and time. I am staying at the Grand Mirage, Tanjun Benoa.


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